XM FITNESS Curve Racer Treadmill

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XM Fitness has taken the manual curve treadmill to the next level. Like other manual treadmills we have removed the motor to eliminate any requirements for electrical power. You will never need to tighten the belt, align it or worry about slippage. We have added a Inertia Transition System where the belt will not suddenly stop or jerk while you are running.

How Is XM Curve Different than most other curve treadmills?

We waited until others produced theirs, tested them and then improved the shortfalls to create one amazing treadmill.

  • XM Fitness Curve Treadmill uses rubber and synthetic compound to make their running rubber slots and at the perfect shock dissipation while still offering the ideal kickoff and landing platform. No more joint issues as a result of pounding on pavement or a conventional wooden deck.
  • XM Fitness Curve Treadmill increased the size of the bearings to reduce the rotation by 50% thus causing them to last much longer while offering the lowest sound levels of any treadmill.

XM Fitness Curve Treadmill added another layer of cushioning on the leveling legs. This system adds an additional layer of cushioning to the runner and another level of noise barrier.

  • XM Fitness Curve Treadmill added oversized transport wheels in case you need to move the unit.

  • XM Fitness Curve Treadmill redesigned the handles to accommodate all different users. The curvature of the handles adds another level of safety and comfort especially for seniors and walkers. The lowering of the handles also reduces chances of runners hitting their arms (as they do on other units).

  • XM Fitness Curve Treadmill includes a leading-edge Bluetooth console allowing it to interact with the XM APP (soon to be released). Full scale console featuring time, speed, distance, calories, heart rate (requires transmitter), Pace, Watts and interactive screen.

  • XM Fitness Curve Treadmill has the ideal curve to force you to walk/run with the ideal and proper posture

  • XM Fitness Curve Treadmill is engineered to accommodate any human maximum speed.

  • XM Fitness Curve Treadmill can handle slow to full speed with only a few long steps making it idea for HITT, interval, weight loss, core, long distance or performance training.

  • XM Fitness Curve Treadmill frame is high grade powder coat paint to help reduce scratching or rust buildup.

  • XM Fitness Curve Treadmill is so well made (entirely in Taiwan) that we back up the components with a solid warranty – Lifetime Frame, 5 Years Parts and 1 Year Labor. This is industry leading warranty and we can back it up because of all the superior individual components put into this beast of a treadmill.